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To all adults involved in the upcoming BDL tournaments as coaches, parents, and/or fans,

Throughout the 2019-20 Badger Developmental League Boys & Girls basketball season, there have been a number of impermissible interactions reported to us among coaches, spectators, game officials and participants. We are currently amidst the unfortunate process of investigating incidents from last weekend's end-of-season girls tournaments involving ejections of coaches, spectators and players.

From experience, end-of-season tournament play includes the most tightly-contested games of the entire season. While we anticipate the intensified competition on the court over the next month of games, we would like to send a reminder about the expected behaviors of all involved.

According to BDL rules -Badger Developmental League maintains the expectation that all coaches model exemplary conduct at all times. Teach without yelling, screaming, swearing, demeaning and/or bullying. Exercise self-restraint and tactfulness with all persons participating in and/or watching the game.

Coaches maintain the responsibility to monitor their players and the spectators in attendance to support their team. Please keep a watchful eye on the emotions of players on the court and parents in the stands. Giving kids a break on the bench and proactively reminding parents of appropriate behavior on the sidelines can go a long way in preventing an embarrassing situation for the program you represent.

Spectators are reminded that decisions of game officials are FINAL. Protests to outcomes of games must be submitted to site administrators within one hour of the conclusion of your game. Those protests must be accompanied by $100. That money will be refunded, ONLY IF the protest is upheld. Outcomes of games are determined by the teams on the court. Game officials have no bias. Do not give them a reason to have one against your team!!

Those who display threatening and or challenging behaviors will be asked to leave the facilities without refund.

We encourage all adults to regulate your own emotions throughout the games that remain and keep things positive & in perspective. Support your son/daughter and their team by cheering their play. This is YOUTH BASKETBALL. It is played by kids and organized for the kids. Please remind yourself of that.

Finally... there will be ONE tournament champion awarded exactly ten (10) medals in each division. Regular season champions should connect with site supervisors to gather your teams awards. If your team is in need of more than ten awards, please let us know and we will do our best to get those to you.

Thanks for reading and good luck to all the teams!

Dana, Mike & Tyler



If we have to postpone BDL/BADL games due to weather we will use the following communication procedures:


1--we will send an email to all families that completed consent forms as soon as a decision is made.

2--we will email every community rep to let them know(those of you currently receiving this email)

3--we will email all refs registered in our system so they are aware

4--we will post a note on our main webpage

5--we will send a message through our apps.  Those that are set up for notifications will get this directly to their phone.



How do we decide to cancel games?

The primary decision for us to postpone BDL/BADL games comes from the host communities schools administration.  If they make the decision to close their schools we have to postpone games.  Additionally, we will monitor and lean on our weekend hosts to give us an accurate representation of what they are seeing in their area to make decisions on games as well.


Would we delay start to days if weather report, road report, school admin, etc dictate that it would be a viable option?

Yes this could happen and depending how full the sites are we would possibly shorten the game times to get the entire days schedule of games in.


Can some sites be cancelled and some continue?

This is a possibility depending on where a storm tracks.  


What happens to the games if they are postponed?

We will attempt to make the games up by working with the host schools gym availability.  If they can't host we will reach out to other members to see if anyone else can host.  We are getting close to end of year tournaments so we could move games into those slots and then move the tournament back to the next available weekends.  If after exploring all options we can't fit the games in we do reserve the right to not reschedule them.  The few times this did happen we have been able to get all the games.


The idea of the BDL and BADL came about after conversations a the state tournament regarding how youth programs/leagues/tournament, etc were set up in each community. The goal of the league is to have the best possible format to develop our youth, while reducing costs and travel for programs. Rules, schedules, format, and everything else with this league came together with the input of many high school and youth basketball coaches in our area.

Contact Mike at if you are interested in entering teams.